About us

Bali Clinic is located in a town named Paprola( Opp Utrala Road) near Baijnath (Known as Shiv Nagri) of district Kangra, Himachal Pradesh. This place is 14 Km farther from a well-known tourist place Palampur.

Bali Clinic is a general OPD clinic and is a well known for its primary healthcare services and best medical advice to the patients. We are committed to provide people with affordable and best healthcare. Bali clinic believes that primary healthcare services should be accessible to all regardless of socio-economic status. We aim to bring customized and flexible healthcare to everyone and guide the masses on healthy living through our knowledge of ancient system of medicine ‘Ayurveda’ and modern system of medicine ‘Allopathy’. As per the old saying “Prevention is better than cure”, Bali clinic aspires to create a self sustainable healthcare system in our area , which encourage best medical services to reach the common man and permeate through the various strata of society.
Bali Clinic was started in 1950 by Late Dr. Surinder Mohan Bali, G.A.M.S. MD (Opthalmology), S/O Late Dr. Harbansh Lal Bali. He was the one who used to perform eye surgeries (specially removing cataract) at free of cost to the patients, as hardly there was any affordable person in ‘Dhauladhaar pahadi’ area. Being ophthalmologist by qualification he became famous as a pediatrician amongst people (Bachhon ke doctor) because of his good knowledge in paediatric field and his love and affection towards children. He was the doctor who touched every medicinal field being it be a Orthopaedics, Dental, Pediatric, Gynaecology and Obstetrics and General OPD. He was the doctor who used to provide door to door medical/health services to the people even in non-approachable ‘Pahadi’ areas on his Royal Enfield motorcycle as that was the time when no means of transport was available and this was like impossible to bring a serious patient to the doctor’s clinic. He is still in the memory of many people as a humble, kind, amiable and knowledgeable personality specially old age people narrating his tales and stories to the people presently working at Bali Clinic. Clinic was continued by his son Dr. Rakesh Bali (G.A.M.S. , H.P.) in 1980. A very renowned general practioner having a great experience in paediatrics.

At present besides Dr. Rakesh Bali clinical setup is also being run by :

#  Dr. Parikshit Bali B.A.M.S. Pb (son of Dr. Rakesh Bali) Ex MO Makkar Hospital Jalandhar and Sareen Hospital Jalandhar. Dr. Parikshit Bali started his practice at Bali clinic in 2006 and efficiently dealing with general and paediatric patients. He is also providing the patients with day care facility.

#  Dr. Sonia Bali B.A.M.S. Pb. (Ex MO Aman Hospital, Ludhiana) Dr. Sonia Bali is a well renowned ladies physician successfully treating the Infertility, DUB, PCOD and PID problems specially. She joined Bali Clinic in 2007 and still is in continue with her best services.


Å¡ losZ HkoUrq lqf[ku%] losZ lUrq fujke;k%A
losZ Hknzkf.k Ik”;Urq] ek df”pr nq%[k HkkXHkosr~AA
Å¡ “kkfUr% “kkfUr% “kkfUr% Å¡AA

Let all be happy, Let all be healthy, Let all see/experience auspiciousness, Let no one be suppressed/overwhelmed by grief. Om peace, Om peace, Om peace.

We think, what ‘Ayurveda’ says:

Dofpr~ /keZ Dofpr~ eS=h] Dofpr~ vFkZ] Dofpr ;”k%A
dekZH;kla Dofpr”;sfr fpfdRlk ukLrh fu’Qyk%AA

Kwachit Dharma – Somewhere you may get dharma (your good qualities are exposed)

Kwachit Maitri – Somewhere you may get new friendship

Kwachit Artha – Somewhere you may get monetary benefits.

Kwachit Yasha – Somewhere you may get respect and praise.

Is any how any of these things are not gained then it is a chance for you to revise the chikitsa karma.