Gynae(Lady Patients) OPD (Out Patient Door)

  1. Gynae OPD is run by Dr.Sonia Bali.
  2. She hold a good successful rate in treating the patients with Infertility, DUB (Dysfunctional uterine bleeding), PMS (Post-menopausal syndrome), PCOD (Polycystic ovarian disease), PID (Pelvic inflammatory disorder, “Dhaat”), Antenatal checkup, Ovarian Cysts and many other gynecological disorders, Menstrual problems in teenage girls. HPV Vaccination.
  1. How to attend OPD at Bali Clinic?
    Having consultation with Bali Clinic is very friendly and Ambiently.
    OPD Process Arrival at OPD Reception where you have to tell to the receptionist that you want to consult with lady doctor. Receptionist will register you and issue you a Token Number on which the room No. in which you have to consult is mentioned. You will be asked to sit in the waiting area (in case of rush) where sub reception is there to help you. Receptionist at the sub reception arranges the turn of the patients and guides you to the consultation room. Payment has to be made with the consulting doctor in the consultation room only. After consultation take your prescription slip to the dispensary where you will get your medicines, Medicine dispenser will make you understand about the schedule of the medication. Now you can move out of the clinic.
    Please take the medicines properly as advised. Re Visit when asked and bring issued token, Lab test reports or any related documents with you.
  1. We issue visible token-number; so that one can predict his turn of appointment. • People always remember the last part of service. So we provide you with a satisfying consultation.
  2. OPD Records are well maintained.