Laboratory :

We have ultratech fully automated/computerized diagnostic
laboratory equipped with the state of the art machines. Lab is run by a well qualified and well experienced Lab technician.

Reasons for relying on our lab test report accuracy:

All the machines are timely serviced and maintained under AMC.

All the tests are passed through control and calibration every morning.

Zero error in sample handling and pipetting which is the most important and ignored part of running any test.
Doubtful results are cross matched in another machine or by running the test again by another test method.
Sample cuvette are washed in Ultrasonic sterlizer and special care is taken to handle the cuvette.
Even invisible fingure spots(smudge) can also interfere with the intesity of the light passing through sample cuvette resulting in inaccurate test value/result.
Specialized tubes, slides, pipettes, cuvette are used while performing any test.
Special rotator is used for the homogenous mixing of the blood samples.

Laboratory Equipment’s

Centrifuge R-4C from REMI

Semi Automatic Coagulation Analyser from FDA approved Alere Helena,USA.

A fully automatic Bio Chemistry and Turbidimetry analyzer. A USA FDA approved machine from Awareness Technology.

Spirometer from RMS for Lungs function test.

Microscope and Blood sample Rotator.

Ultrasonic cuvette sterlizer and washer

Mindray manufactured BeneSphera FDA approved complete blood count analyzer from Avantor, USA

Star 21 Plus semi auto biochemistry analyzer, FDA approved Italy made machine.

I Chroma 2 , from Welldone Biotech

Automatic Electrlyte Analyzer from Avanor

Data Handling

Urine Analyzer, U 120

Multi channel ECG machine

Special Packages :

DIABETIC PANEL (For sugar patients)

CBC, FBS, HBA1c, PPBS, Complete Lipid Profile, Urea,Creatinine
U-Albumin, SGOT, SGPT, ALP, SE, Routine Urine

Actual Cost-₹2010.00 Package Cost-₹1150.00

Diabetic+Hypertension Panel

CBC, FBS, HBA1c, PPBS, Complete Lipid Profile, LFT, Urea,Creatinine, SE, Cystatin C, U-Albumin,
Routine Urine

Actual Cost-₹2570.00, Package Cost-₹1600.00

HYPERTENSION PANEL (For Blood pressure patients)

CBC, FBS, Complete Lipid Profile, Urea, Creatinine, SE, U-Albumin, Cystatin-cRoutine Urine

Actual Cost-₹1810.00 Package Cost-₹1180.00

Arithritis Profile (For Joint Pains)

CBC, FBS, TSH, S.Calcium, S.Phosphorus, ALP, Vit-D, UricAcid, CRP, ESR, RA(Qualitative) RA(Quantitative), Anti CCP, ANA

Actual Cost-₹3260.00 Package Cost-₹2300.00

Routine Health Profile

CBC, FBS, ESR, HBA1c, LFT, Lipid Profile, Urea, Creatinine, Uric Acid, SE, S.Calcium, S.Phosphorus Vit-D, U-Albumin, Cystatin C, routine Urine

Actual Cost- ₹3620.00 Package Cost-₹2250.00

Hormonal Assays (For female infertility and PCOD cases)

TFT, FSH, LH, Sr Prolactin, Sr Testosteron, AMH

Actual Cost-₹3650.00