A very clean, good looking, shining, bald tongue is a sign of some abnormality. This looks bald and shiny because of loss of tongue papillae which keeps our tongue somewhat coated. The smooth, bald and shining tongue, this condition is called “Glossitis”. The most common cause of Glossitis is Iron deficiency anaemia. In such cases tongue may look bald and pale.

If the bald tongue is red in color it is usually due to B-Complex  and Folic acid deficiency. The condition is mostly seen in alcoholics.

Associated Angular Stomatoitis (Inflammation of mouth) “Cuts or inflammation around or in the mouth corners” may be due to Riboflavin (Vitamin B2) deficiency.

Cause of the bald tongue of the presented patient was Iron deficiency anaemia  and was treated with Iron  along with Vitamin C, Folic Acid and B-complex supplements. Positive result started appearing in 1 week. Patients was continued under treatment for 2 months.

He was also advised to include more of  vegetables,Fruits,Boiled egg white part (2 eggs/day), Roasted/Boiled Non Veg, Pulses in his diet. No “Maida”products, No Alcohol and No smoking.