Exopthalmos is a medical term also known as Proptosis that means bulging of the  eye balls. This may involve one or both eyes.

Most common cause is Hyperthyroidism and very rarely because of pressing of the optic nerve.

Diagnosing Hyperthyroidism:

Usually Thyroid profile (T3,T4and TSH) test is done to diagnose the hyperthyroidim in which T3 and T4 levels are usually high with low TSH level. In Grave’s disease or Thyrotoxicosis TPO(Thyroid peroxidase) or Antithyroid antibodies may be raised. Ultrsonography of thyroid gland is also helpful in such condition.

How to detect an Exopthalmos?

Our upper eyelid usually cover upper 1/3 part of the cornea (Black portion in the eye ball). But in exopthalmos you can see whole corneal part without being covered by upper eyelid as you can see in the picture.

Other common symptoms in Hyperthyroidism.

Loss of weight

Increased Appetite

Excessive sweating

Intolerance to heat


Disturbed Sleep

Loose Stools