Developing skin rashes is a very common problem in new born babies. Specially Macular(Red coloured flat,not raised from the skin), Papular (Red coloured raised from skin) and Pustular(Blisters filled with puss) rashes are very common.


The most common cause is ‘baby massage’ which is very common in Indian tradition with a false belief that massage make bones stronger and help baby to grow up fast. In some cases babies start developing pustular rashes with in a week of their birth and people in local language call it “Chhanv” means some devil’s or some menstruating lady’s shadow over baby. Actually these rashes results from baby’s massage. Many micro lesions and injuries are developed over baby’s skin while rubbing our hands against the baby’s soft and delicate skin resulting in dermal/skin infection leading to emerging of various rashes specially pustular rashes over baby’s skin.

Clavicle fracture is another adverse effect seen in some babies because of vigorous massage.

When should  the baby massage be started?

Do not massage a full term baby before 45 days of his/her age. A premature baby should not be massaged before 60 days of his/her age.

Massage baby only once a day that’s too before baby’s bath. Massage should be done in a room where good sun light is available so that baby skin can get some exposure to the sun light helping in synthesis of vitamin D. Massage should be gentle not  vigorous , No “champi”. Do not apply any pressure over baby’s skull/head , which usually ladies “Daai Maan” do in order to shape the baby’s skull.

In case your baby develop any skin rash, stop applying any thing on baby’s skin unless advised by the doctor. Consult your family physician, Paediatrician or a dermatologist.