Urticaria (“Chakkte”) is one of the most prevalent disorders in dermatological practice. There are clear pathophysiological and epidemiological hints that helminths and protozoa are rare but treatable causes of acute and chronic urticaria.  parasitic diseases are increasingly common even in industrialized countries due to a steep rise in migration and international travel. This review presents the most important parasitic causes of urticaria and provides relevant details regarding personal history, clinical presentation, diagnosis and therapy.

26 years old patient presented with the H/O on and off pruritic (with itching) discrete papular rashes. On stool examination O&P (Ova and parasites) were detected. Immunoglobulin E (IgE) level was also raised.

Patient was treated with anti histaminic drugs and adequate deworming was done. Followed by “Via Vidangaadi Churna” (Embelia ribrs) 3gm two times a day with “giloy satva”. And “Haridrakhand Churna” 3/4 tsb with water two times a day for one month and then one time a day for next 15 days.

No rebound/reverse action was noticed in the patient after complete course of the treatment which is very common.